Ambient move.

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身体と共にいるか-Are you with your body? 2020.06.30






What's going on? What do I wanna do? I have to do this...

The moment you become aware of being swallowed up in this whirlpool of thoughts, you stop for a breath.

"Do I belong with my body now?"

I want to be with my body, not letting my thoughts take the wheel.

SourcePoint Therapy② w/Marisol 2020.06.29

SourcePoint Therapy遠隔セッション中の記録。









Transcript during SourcePoint Therapy remote session.

The patient lies on her back on the floor.
Under the guidance of Marisol's voice, several voice commands are given and the body settles in the spot.
Afterwards, she became aware of each point (source point) about 1.5 hands away from the outside of her body, and then she started to move her body to the spot. We're going to do it.

The first point, "SOURCE"
When I turn my attention to a point on the right side of my body, my body leans slightly toward that side and begins to interact with it.
Waves are moving in and out, and it is as if all the doors around my body have been opened. For a moment a fresh breeze passes through me and I feel calm and minute, as if I've gone to a different dimension. Consciousness is at a point on the right side of the body, so although I feel a big wave of breathing in my whole body, now Looking back, I think the sense of a "physical body" had faded.
My right nose went through (even though my nose hadn't been clogged up before) and fresh new air came through my right nose and into my whole body.
The image of a field, the sky and a fresh breeze passing through my body.

The second point, "GROUNDING"
Standing on the earth. The feeling of the fluffy grass on the soles of my bare feet. Instead of receiving and feeling that image, the experience always comes first, and I''m already in that state. I feel like I'm doing something.
Before the session, I felt as if my whole body was swollen and fuzzy, and the outline of my whole body was vague and swollen.
It becomes clearer and clearer in outline, and a freshness comes. My energy that was leaking out comes back to me.

[The image that appeared then]
The fields, the low-humidity air, the crisp, dazzlingly fresh air and river water, the birds (this could be because I could hear the birds chirping beautifully outside from where Marisol was), the smell of the trees.

Third point "Harmony"
A pale, gentle wave comes in and returns, touching my left elbow. Golden. Surrounded by it. A definite sense of "living here and now". Just now, this state, the feeling I'm receiving, I realize that this is where I should be. There is an overwhelming sense of happiness.

The fourth point "Flow"
Live blood, energy flows through the body. (something bright and fresh and vivacious) Physical body sensations return.

Awareness of the vertical lines from the top of the head, through the chest and between the legs. Integration.
Finally, do nothing and rest on my back on the floor (I feel like I did that for about 10 minutes...)

Get up slowly and it''s finished.
I felt all sorts of sensations, images and actual physical changes. It's a great feeling to be able to adjust my body in such a way, even though we are so far apart from each other, Germany and Japan. It's really amazing that I can do that. It's really interesting!
I send my thanks and love to Marisol for meeting her.

SourcePoint Therapy① w/Marisol 2020.06.28


セッションをしてくれたのは、今年3月にドイツミュンヘンでのロルフィングプレトレーニングで出会ったブラジル出身のロルファー、 Marisol valente。セッションはフィジカルもエネルギーも全ての垣根がなく、人柄も本当に魅力的で、全てで大きく包みこんでくれるようなマリソルから本当に多くのことを学んでいます。ちなみに、ドイツで受けた彼女のセッションについては以前この記事で書いたのでよろしければこちらもどうぞ。






I recently had a SourcePoint Therapy session online.

I had a session with Marisol valente, a Rolfer from Brazil. I met her at a Rolfing pre-training in Munich, Germany in March of this year. The sessions were no physical or energy barriers and her personality is really engaging. I've really learned a lot from Marisol, who seems to embrace me greatly with everything. By the way, I wrote about her session in Germany in this article before, if you would like to read about it. here also.

Now, Source Point Therapy is a simple energy work , accessing points in and around the body to prepare the body. One of the founders is a Rolfer, so we've been working on the source points several times during pre-training. I was just interested in this because I had heard that.
I could take it at such a swift time! And even though it was my first time, it was a remote session. I received it with nothing but excitement, wondering how it would feel and what would happen.

After the session.
-I wake up with a crisp body.
-I no longer feel fuzzy in the head.
-The state of strength in the abdomen.
-Bright and lively mindset
-Gentle and powerful breathing.

This is how it worked out for me so well!
Body, mind, energy, environment... they're all connected, so they affect each other, and I'm most comfortable looking at it as a whole.

In my next post, I'll try to write down my impressions of the session...or rather, my feelings as I was receiving it.

ボディーリーディング 2020.06.24




①はその場所に触れて感じます。自分で触って変化を感じやすいと感じるのは "鎖骨" です。

②は "手" でやってみます。指一本一本を反対の手で包み、その骨のカタチや長さを感じます。ポイントは、指は掌まであると言う事です。


その "指" 全体を感じ、骨1つひとつを感じながら丁寧に触れてみてください。



Getting "reacquainted" with your body will help you considerably in making your body easier and more mobile.

How do you do it?
(1) Touch
(2) Wrapping
(3) Add weight.

There is a way to do this.

The first is to touch and feel the area. The area that you can easily touch and feel the change in yourself is your "clavicle".
Place your hand fluffily on your clavicle. Then, feel the weight, length and size of your clavicle, whether it's tense or relaxed there, just feel it. The first thing to do is to breathe. Then take three breaths and remove your hands, and you can already see a change in the left and right sensations.

Try (2) with the "hand". Wrap each finger with the other hand and feel the shape and length of its bones. The point is that the fingers are up to the palm.
This is as far as what we usually think of as fingers.

But if you look at the structure of the bones, you will see that the fingers go further down into the bone structure. Feel and touch that "finger" as a whole.

(3) It may be difficult to do this on your own.
But you don't need to add weight or strong stimulation at the beginning; if you can notice the spot with a soft touch, that's enough.
If your body is tense without knowing it, at the end of the day or when you want to relax, touch your body a little bit, feel it, and notice that it is here, I think it will make it easier for us in the future.

オイルトリートメントにいきました 2020.06.12








I recently went for an aromatherapy massage.

The therapist, Naoko, blended essential oils to suit my current physical condition and massaged my whole body from my feet to my head!

It's not that there is anything wrong with me, I just came back from Germany and it's been 2 months and half since I came back! I decided to give myself a break.

It's always good to feel happy, but I think I forgot to do so for a while.
The treatment began with a footbath with essential oils in a well ventilated room, followed by a mask and rubber gloves.
The gloves didn't bother me at all and it was a great idea to create a safe and secure environment for both of us.

I've been to so many medical treatments as therapy, but the oil treatment was First time. But it felt so good that I was really enchanted, and when I finished the luxurious massage, I felt like a shiny new person. I did.

I realized the importance of scenting when I went to Germany, and I reaffirmed it again this time. When I was in an unfamiliar place and in an unfamiliar room, I realized that my favorite scent would become my favorite scent. Space! I felt like I could relax.
After the treatment, I felt like I was born again, shiny and new. The fog that had been hanging over me somehow lifted and my voice changed as my body relaxed. My body is my capital. That's why this kind of time is so important!

Even if you don't have any particular pain, your mind is somehow blocked, or you're somehow tired of the anxiety and thoughts associated with it. If you're there, you can do something to heal your body, and your body will be as pinky and healthy as watering the plants and trees.

It's been a while since I've been able to update my blog because the site hasn't been working well for a while!

Have a peaceful day, everyone!