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SourcePoint Therapy① w/Marisol2020.06.28


セッションをしてくれたのは、今年3月にドイツミュンヘンでのロルフィングプレトレーニングで出会ったブラジル出身のロルファー、 Marisol valente。セッションはフィジカルもエネルギーも全ての垣根がなく、人柄も本当に魅力的で、全てで大きく包みこんでくれるようなマリソルから本当に多くのことを学んでいます。ちなみに、ドイツで受けた彼女のセッションについては以前この記事で書いたのでよろしければこちらもどうぞ。






I recently had a SourcePoint Therapy session online.

I had a session with Marisol valente, a Rolfer from Brazil. I met her at a Rolfing pre-training in Munich, Germany in March of this year. The sessions were no physical or energy barriers and her personality is really engaging. I've really learned a lot from Marisol, who seems to embrace me greatly with everything. By the way, I wrote about her session in Germany in this article before, if you would like to read about it. here also.

Now, Source Point Therapy is a simple energy work , accessing points in and around the body to prepare the body. One of the founders is a Rolfer, so we've been working on the source points several times during pre-training. I was just interested in this because I had heard that.
I could take it at such a swift time! And even though it was my first time, it was a remote session. I received it with nothing but excitement, wondering how it would feel and what would happen.

After the session.
-I wake up with a crisp body.
-I no longer feel fuzzy in the head.
-The state of strength in the abdomen.
-Bright and lively mindset
-Gentle and powerful breathing.

This is how it worked out for me so well!
Body, mind, energy, environment... they're all connected, so they affect each other, and I'm most comfortable looking at it as a whole.

In my next post, I'll try to write down my impressions of the session...or rather, my feelings as I was receiving it.