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近くの知らない場所 -Stranger places nearby2020.03.31









Since I came back from Germany, I've been going out to buy food when there are no people around as much as possible.
Since I've been posting my YouTube videos, I've become good at taking pictures in the park in front of my house and finding "quiet and beautiful places around the house where there are no people".

Then, unexpectedly, there were so many places to settle down close to home! I enjoy making small discoveries with them.

It is precisely because of times like these that we have been able to pioneer a "small life" that can be made comfortable.

In this way, I think it's very important to enjoy what I can do now in a small way.

Because right now the situation could be a long one. I'd like to seriously do my usual "make the moment a little more enjoyable" in times like this so that I can live without being frightened by the virus as soon as possible, and so that I don't just endure this moment.